Raymaker Piano Studio Policies, 2022-2023

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Calendar dates as of 6/11/22

Semester 1, August 15 – January 13

  • Repertoire class weeks of September 19, October 24, December 12
  • Fall break September 26 – October 7
  • Winter break December 19 – January 2

Holiday gathering: Sunday, December 11


Semester 2, January 16 – June 9

  • Repertoire class weeks of February 20, April 3
  • Spring break March 20 – March 31

Spring performance:  Sunday, May 21


Each semester includes:

  • 16 private lessons,
  • 2 Repertoire studio-wide classes,
  • 2 popup classes grouped by age,
  • 1 performance. All of these are included in your tuition.


Tuition is due before the start date of each semester. 

Tuition, 30 minute lessons, per student (first year only): $764 due 8/15 and 1/15.

Tuition, 45 minute lessons, per student: $966 due 8/15 and 1/15.

Tuition, 60 minute lessons, per student: $1218 due 8/15 and 1/15.

A non-refundable annual studio fee of $80 per student is due when this form is signed and returned to me.  Included in the Studio Fee are most music books, workbooks, supplies, recital costs, theory assessment fees, subscriptions, etc.  The Studio fee is required to reserve your space in the studio.


If you have to miss a lesson, there are a number of options available. 

  • If you let me know in advance and I have a cancellation, I will contact you.
  • I can record a video lesson in advance and send it to you to have the student watch at their convenience.
  • Wednesday I will have a slot for one-off lesson conflicts like illness, finals/AP, holidays that conflict with the studio calendar. 24 hour notice is required to book a Wednesday lesson.
  • Because Wednesday is now an overflow day, there will be no more Flex weeks.

If you have a sport or production that will cause you to miss a lesson for more than a week, please try to arrange a swap with another family in the studio.  Many families have swapped and I appreciate their flexibility.  Swap list will be sent after the start of 1st Semester.

Lessons are scheduled on nearly all Monday holidays.  There are no makeup lessons.  The studio tuition reserves your child’s exclusive lesson time throughout the piano year, whether he/she takes a lesson or not.  Tuition also covers the Repertoire and Pop-up classes, performances, get-togethers, lesson planning, research and continuing education, subscriptions, etc.   Thank you in advance for your understanding.  If I have to miss a lesson I will offer a mutually agreeable alternative.

Each lesson will end on time, regardless of the time it begins. I will contact you five minutes into the lesson time if you’re not on Zoom.  Without contact after ten minutes, the lesson will be considered skipped (not eligible for Wednesday overflow).


After beginning lessons, a student will progress much faster with either a quality upright acoustic piano or an 88-key touch-sensitive keyboard.  A touch-sensitive keyboard allows you to play louder or softer by pressing down the key at different speeds.  The keyboard should have a sustaining pedal, which sustains the sound when you let go of the key.  I would be happy to discuss options with you.


Pictures and videos of my students may be posted on my studio website, in studio publicity, or on studio social media with no names attached.

My signature below means that I have read and understood the studio policies on the previous page.  This signed page plus the $80 Studio fee reserves your space in the studio.


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