What are piano lessons at Raymaker Piano Studio like?

Piano lessons in the Raymaker Piano Studio are fun because they use the students’ own creativity and participation.

Piano teaching has come a long way from C position!

From the first piano lesson with Raymaker Piano Studio, all students:

  • Explore the entire keyboard.
  • Use ears, eyes, and  body movement.
  • Play plenty of games at the piano and away from it.
  • Share music with others every six weeks.

Are piano lessons all fun and games?

While we’re having fun in piano lessons, serious learning is happening. 

We explore concepts from lesson pieces through improvisation.  Middle school and high school piano students love to learn chords and lead sheets.  Piano lessons for tweens and teens include arranging for family-friendly Disney or pop tunes. In addition, all my students love to learn strategies for playing by ear.

Students will have a 45-minute private lesson each week.  In addition, every six weeks we gather online to play for each other in a relaxed and casual setting called a Repertoire class.  In the private lessons and the Repertoire class, the environment is safe and encouraging.

Another unique feature of lessons in our studio are online Pop-up classes, grouped by age. The Pop-up classes allow small groups of elementary, middle, or high school students to explore topics together.

What are some of the resources used at Raymaker Piano Studio?

I’ve heard parents, and even other piano teachers, say that online piano lessons are boring and dry. 

Not true!  I spend hours each week researching new ways to bring variety, surprise, and laughter into each lesson.

I love the resources that Nicola Cantan shares with piano teachers from around the world. I subscribe to her site, Vibrant Music Teaching. The VMT library contains over 200 games and activities. Because I have access to this library, I can choose games that fit each student’s needs for each lesson. Moreover, I have been happy to contribute to the VMT community with my own experience.

“Mrs. Raymaker is very patient and makes piano lessons fun for each individual student, by combining our own uniqueness with what we love to do outside of piano lessons.”  – Middle school student

The use of games is fun for everyone:

  • Play provides for learning without explaining;
  • Games involve sneaky repetition;
  • Games create moments of silliness;
  • Everyone loves to beat the teacher!

I love the resources that Nicola Cantan shares with piano teachers from around the world.  I subscribe to her site, Vibrant Music Teaching.  The VMT library contains over 200 games and activities.  Through my subscription, I choose games for every lesson that fit each student’s needs. Moreover, I have been happy to contribute to the VMT community with my own experience.

What does the calendar look like at Raymaker Piano Studio?

Private 45-minute lessons form the backbone of lessons at Raymaker Piano Studio.  A second part of my approach is the Repertoire class.  All the students in the studio perform for each other in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.

We’ve practiced practicing in breakout rooms,

Listened to chord sequences,

Improvised on the blues scale, and

Introduced our pets.

Pop-up classes are scheduled on topics as the students need them.  This is a great way to build community in small groups.  We have had several sessions on ear training for middle school and high school students.  We’ve also worked on note-reading skills in a group of young beginners.

All of the classes above are included in your tuition.  The 45-minute private lessons, the Repertoire classes once every six weeks, and the Pop-up classes are all included. 

My goal is to provide a seamless experience for my families.  In this way,  they can simply enjoy the progress of their musician.

“John’s interest and work ethic ratcheted up greatly since Mrs. Raymaker met him where he was. At age 19 (college) he loves playing a wide variety of music just for the sheer enjoyment of it." – Tom D., parent

Click here to read the studio policies.  Lessons are currently online and in person.

Here is this year’s calendar:

Interested in learning more? I’d love to discuss the unique needs of your student.

My son has been taking lessons with Helen for about 4 years, two plus years as a remote student. He hasn’t missed a beat as a remote student and continues to make progress. Helen makes the time so enjoyable & fun for the students. As a working parent, I love and appreciate the flexibility of remote learning. Helen is extremely generous with her time and committed to the students. She is a wonderful mentor for Liam. - mother of a rising high school freshman

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