How did my life in piano teaching start?

I began my life in piano teaching as a performer. My mother heard me picking out commercial jingles on my toy piano. So she signed me up with my first piano teacher.  My first piano teacher was in my neighborhood, and I remember getting bundled up to go to lessons.

I didn’t always want to practice as a child. But as you might guess, the more I played, the more fun practicing became.

My school district had a strong arts program. As a result, there were lots of opportunities to perform. First, I was asked to accompany the chorus in junior high school. Then the directors recommended me as an accompanist for solo and ensemble contest. In addition, I played for the high school choirs. To add to my musical activities, I started teaching piano in my parents’ basement.

By this time, I had become serious about my music and decided to study piano in college.

My first piano!

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How is it going now?

My involvement with music continued through college and graduate school at Northwestern University.  I was involved in the Waa-Mu show during college. After graduating and returning to Northwestern’s business school, I played the piano in the pit of the Special K Revue.

As an adult,  I’ve lived in 4 states and 2 countries.  It has been my privilege to work with young musicians of all abilities.  My passion for kids in music has connected me to every new community.

One recent development has turned into a great new opportunity for me.  Over the years, I started to develop pain upon playing.  At one point, I couldn’t even practice for 30 minutes without pain.  Thankfully I discovered the Golandsky Institute, which has helped me immensely.  I now study with founding member John Bloomfield.

about piano lessons

Here’s what I believe about piano lessons and the important relationship between a piano student and their teacher:

“My daughter started with Mrs. Raymaker with no knowledge of the piano. We are so impressed with how she plays now. With so much experience teaching, Mrs. Raymaker can really understand and pinpoint where our daughter needs help and how to develop her as a pianist. But more importantly, she is fostering a love for music in my daughter.” -Stephanie A., parent​

BA Music, Northwestern University

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Member, Music Educators
Association of New Jersey

Recording Secretary, Music Teachers National Association, North Shore Chapter

Accompanist, Glenbrook North High School

The Golandsky Institute

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