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“Your work with Ben made a real difference in his life. You helped us discover the musician in him, for which we are truly grateful.” – Judy C.

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Raymaker Piano Studio is online.

Over 30 years of experience teaching piano lessons for kids.
A special welcome to middle school students.

Our Services

Private lessons

Weekly 45-minute private lessons.  Studio-wide Repertoire classes to explore music together.  Pop-up classes for elementary, middle, and high schoolers.  Everything is included in your semester tuition. 

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Our Services

Coaching & accompanying

Coaching and piano accompanying for honors ensembles, competitions and recitals. Choral accompanying and church music substitution.  Please use the contact page to request fee and availability information.

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“Mrs. Raymaker is very patient and makes piano lessons fun for each individual student, by combining our own uniqueness with what we love to do outside of piano lessons.”
Middle school student
“My daughter started with Mrs. Raymaker with no knowledge of the piano. We are so impressed with how she plays now. With so much experience teaching, Mrs. Raymaker can really understand and pinpoint where our daughter needs help and how to develop her as a pianist. But more importantly, she is fostering a love for music in my daughter.”
Stephanie A., parent​
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Instruments and Supplies

You will need an acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard. While an upright acoustic piano is preferable, if needed you can start lessons with a keyboard as a temporary solution. With a keyboard, please try to choose one with weighted keys or is touch sensitive (this means that the sound is louder when there is more weight on the key), and with a sustain pedal. I am happy to talk with you about this.

No. Tuition at Raymaker Piano Studio *includes* most music and supplies.  This is what the Studio fee is for. I will order music needed when your child is ready.  This is a benefit to you.


If your child is interested in the piano and music, it is best to set up a time where we can meet so I can assess their readiness.  There are good options for young children to learn musical concepts if they’re not yet ready for private lessons.

There are several options for missed lessons:

  • There are Flex weeks at the end of each semester to account for the occasional times students need to miss a lesson.
  • We can schedule a Zoom during their normal lesson day/time. This is good for mild symptoms where the student can still participate.
  • I can record a video lesson and send it to  the student to watch at their convenience.
  • You can try swapping your lesson time with another student.

My philosophy is that performing music should be a natural part of learning music.  In the Repertoire class, all the students in the studio get together online and share what they are working on.  Sometimes the pieces are polished; other times we will share a section of a work in progress. We learn from each other, and it is a fun social time.  We have 4 Repertoire classes each year.  They are a great way for younger students to learn from seeing older students play, and for older students to encourage younger students. 

The Repertoire class is where we learn about the Big Idea for the studio, a concept that the studio participates in together.  This past year the Big Idea was effective practicing.

During the weeks of Repertoire classes, there are no private lessons.

Pop-up classes are smaller groups of students based on age.  Often there are concepts that beginners (who tend to be younger, but not always) or more advanced students are learning at the same time.  The smaller group classes give students a chance to get to work together.  I can give more individual attention in a smaller group.  Pop-up classes are held at least four times through the year.

The Studio

There is no charge for the mini-lesson. This is a time where you can tell me about your goals for piano lessons, see the studio, and see me interact with your child.  I will use the time to get to know your student and do a few simple assessments.  You will leave with my policies and enrollment form.  If you feel there is a fit with my studio, we will arrange a time to start lessons. 

My usual teaching days are Monday and Tuesday of each week from 10 am – 8 pm, Central Standard Time.

Typically ages 6 years old through adult.  I love teaching middle school students!

With a classical piano base, I love to teach all styles. If there is a particular style you are hoping to learn, please let me know.

Raymaker Piano Studio is located in Northbrook, Illinois and teaching online through the US.


Semester tuition includes a reserved spot in the studio. It also includes essential music and supplies as needed each semester, Repertoire classes, popup classes, and extra check-ins. Next year’s studio calendar is here.

Contact ME

Get In Touch

Contact me through the website here, or send me an email directly at helen@raymakerpiano.com.

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